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What is a Voice Box?

Voice Box is a collection of highly accomplished voice-over talent who are ready to impress you with their versatility and availability. Hailing from the Mid-Atlantic region, these seasoned voice professionals bring their top performances to the studio each time they are hired. We proudly work with In Your Ear who offers accomplished engineers and a client roster that proves your project is in good hands. Their facility is world class and the entire staff knows how to make sessions productive and fun!

Available Everywhere

IYE provides both of the leading digital audio transmission codecs, APT or Zephyr, your choice. Need SourceConnect, no problem, we have that too!! All of this means you can digitally record any voice-over talent you hear on VOICE BOX without leaving the comfort of your favorite studio.

Check out our website. These particular demos are not available on any other sites. We periodically update the talent demos so they are fresh and relevant. Pick up the phone and call us the very next time you need talented, experienced voices.

Email Kathy at kathy@inyourear.com or call her at 804-344-5311.