W h a t  i s  a  V o i c e  B o x?

Voice Box is a collection of highly accomplished voice-over talent who are ready to impress you with our versatility and professionalism. Hailing from the Mid-Atlantic region, we’ve got a list of credits longer than a client’s third set of copy revisions. We proudly work with IYE Creative Post who sports an equally impressive client roster. Their facility is world class and the engineers know how to make sessions work for you.

Available Everywhere - IYE provides both of the leading digital audio transmission codecs, APT or Zephyr, your choice. This means you can digitally record any voice-over talent you hear on VOICE BOX without leaving the comfort of your favorite studio. We know that you would have a good time if you came to visit us in Richmond, Va. but face it, we can be in the studio here, you can be in the studio there, and we can all be home for dinner. Need FTP postings? No problem they can handle that!

So check out our website. These particular mp3’s are not available on any other sites. We will periodically update the talent demos so they are fresh and relevant. Pick up the phone and call us the very next time you need fresh, experienced voices.

at In Your Ear. Or call her at 804-344-5311.